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FREE Forex Signals System & FX Currency Trading Indicators Alerts

eToro Partners Up With Forex Signals Software

At eToro we're always looking to give you the best and cheapest ways of improving your forex trading strategy. So we've decided to partner up with the best forex signal alerts and automated forex charts software providers so that our users can get all the forex trading signals they need. Forex indicators are very important to traders because they determine the parameters of their trades and the right time to open the trade. Without these, it is very hard to keep track of all the profitable trading opportunities coming your way. Even if you do have all day to spend on price action analysis, it's hard to always be accurate. One wrong indicator leads to one wrong trade parameter and then your whole strategy is askew. Not to mention that beginners would have to first learn how to read forex charts and use charting tools before even getting to technical or fundamental analysis. This is why we've decided to form two collaborations with leading service providers that will make it easy for our traders to keep track of the currency exchange market.

AutoChartist - Chart Pattern Recognition Software

Almost all forex trading strategies rely on trend spotting for consistent return. Trends are usually recognized by monitoring chart patterns to forecast the currency pair's future price movements. Whether your forex strategy is day trading, swing trading or scalping you won't get anywhere without a method for recognizing trends. The AutoChartist software now makes it simple to spot new trends as they form. By comparing their massive archive of historical chart patterns to live market price movements, taking in account support and resistance levels, and measuring the stochastic oscillator, this software sends you accurate alerts telling you when a trend is forming and when it's about to reverse. It is a proven binary method that really works. Contact eToro's support operators to find out how you can get the AutoChartist software for free.






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